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It mostly depends on how you want to market your project. If your company starts in a contest, the more detailed and realistic visualization will be, the better chances to win the tender. In this situation environment and deck close-ups would have a huge impact. Custom made detailed visualizations will be a perfect solution.

The model shown in an interactive way, where you can zoom and rotate the ship on your computer’s screen will be useful to discuss the design details with your client and team.

The basic version is ideal for already contracted projects for your regular clients, when the design is clear and typical.

To get a better overview of what kind of visualization represents each position in our pricetable, click here to see the samples.

Each design is priced individually and the overall cost depend on the complexity of a project and number of ordered visualizations.

The general rule is that each next picture of similar type is more affordable. So in many cases more complex packages of visualizations might come in a more attractive price.

Contact us to get an individual quote for your design.

The timing depends on various factors. The main one is the complexity of a 3D model and objects we need to create. The second one is the number and type of ordered visualizations.

There is a few way to speed up the workflow. For instance, in our standard timeline we assume a few days for you to comment a project after each important phase. If you won’t need to use all the available time and respond faster, then the overall time of creating your visualizations shortens.

Click here to see our workflow and the project phases we’ll go through.

If you want to order the 3D realistic visualizations of your vessel or any other marine projects, contact us via email. In reply we will send you the simple form which you will fill with the details of your project. We will also assist you to chose the best visualization options adequate to your needs. Basing on this form we will make a quotation for you to accept and then we can start the cooperation.

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