3D AnimationPricing

At AquaViz, we believe in putting our customers first. That’s why we’ve designed our pricing options with your satisfaction and choice, in mind. We understand that every customer is unique, and your needs may vary. Our flexible pricing structure ensures that you can choose the plan that best fits your requirements, giving you the control and value you deserve.

We understand that Marine 3d Animation and visualization pricing always feel a bit complex as they involve different kinds of skills, software and machine performance. So, we simplified it into two categories – Package pricing and hourly Rate pricing. Let’s explore your best option.

Hourly Pricing

Our hourly rate pricing option for ship 3D animation provides a dynamic and transparent solution tailored to the intricacies of maritime visualization. We begin by estimating the hours necessary, considering factors such as the vessel’s complexity, detailing requirements, and specific project specifications. Our skilled animation team diligently tracks the hours invested in modelling, texturing, rigging, animation, and rendering, ensuring a meticulous approach to your project. With a competitive hourly rate reflective of our industry expertise, this pricing model guarantees adaptability as we navigate through the animation process. Regular updates will keep you informed about the project’s progress and the hours expended on each phase. Invoicing is done periodically, offering a breakdown of hours spent on distinct elements of the 3D animation. This hourly rate option is designed to bring transparency to the project’s cost structure, providing flexibility for adjustments and additional features as needed, ensuring a smooth and collaborative animation experience for your ship visualization needs.

Package Pricing

***We expect to get the 3d model from our client. But sometimes they prefer us to do the 3d modelling work for two reasons. Either they don’t have the 3d model prepared, or their 3d model isn’t optimized for animation. Sometimes, the engineering 3d model isn’t optimized for animation as they are very heavy in size and need to be reproduced for animation. Please get in touch with us to ensure that your 3d model will work for animation. Or you can get a quote for 3d modelling. Don’t worry; our hourly pricing for 3d modelling is very competitive.***

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